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  • Gotta Run:  This is an open Facebook group to help people find running partners and discover new running routes and events. Post the location, time, distance and average pace you will be running. Hopefully you will find one or more people that love running as much as you do to join you on your run. You can also post an event you are training for to try and find someone that is doing the same event and has a similar training schedule as you. We also encourage you to post a description of the routes you run. Please make sure you include the approximate distance and type of terrain. This type of information gives beginner runners plus visitors to our great city valuable information. We encourage you to post any running related articles that you have found to be helpful and may help others. Last but not least, please post pictures of your runs and events you participate in if you feel comfortable doing that.  

  • Firefighters 10 Mile Road Race: This Facebook page is dedicated to providing information about the race. The race is held on the Monday of the May long weekend (Victoria Day).

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