Metre Eater of the Year Award

The coveted Metre Eater of the Year Award is given to an outstanding individual of the running community who, as a member of the club, has achieved recognition for their peers for their contribution to the Metre Eater club itself, the community of Thunder Bay as well as individuals.


Since 1980, the actual award is a size 11 Nike LDV running shoe cast in bronze.

Congratulations to Mark Kusznier: the 2021 Metre Eater of the Year!

Here are all the Metre Eater of the Year Award recipients:


1980 Norm Holman

1981 Patti Gessie

1982 Cal McDonald

1983 Ede Hoshizaki

1984 Joe Kirchmann

1985 Brian Kerr

1986 John Guthrie

1987 Doris Quistberg

1988 Joe Ehrler

1989 Jim Loppacher

1990 Maureen Twigg

1991 Fred Skjarstad 

1992 Mary Lou Kruchak

1993 Jay Henderson

1994 Diane Knox

1995 Ruth Rowan

1996 John Friday

1997 Barb Nicol

1998 Cathy Walsh

1999 Jodi Marks

2000 Nick Makletzoff

2001 Jay Henderson

2002 Sandy Guthrie 

2003 Kim Karioja

2004 Sandy Guthrie

2005 Gary Tabor

2006 Megan Workman

2007 Norm Holman

2008 Joe Ehrler

2009 Marilee Chase

2010 Gary Smith

2011 Phil Major

2012 Dave Hardick

2013 Marilee Chase

2014 Robin Cooper

2015 Cheryl Ready

2016 Steve Tanguay

2017 Fred Bauer

2018  Patricia (Tricia) Prince

2019 Cathy Michaliuk

2020 Fred Bauer



Points Tracking and Runner of the Year Award

A point system was devised, in 1982, to provide incentive and recognize participation, competitive placing and volunteerism.

Metre Eater members can accumulate points by attending membership meetings (5 times per year), competing in events (club races, other races both locally and out of town), placing in races as well as volunteering for club sponsored races. All members are encouraged to participate.


Points tracking for the year starts on December 1 (normally the Frostbite Run) and goes until November 30 of the following year.


The first time a member submits points they will be given a plaque in the shape of a shoe. Each year the member submits points they will be given a small plate, listing the points they accumulated,  to add to the plaque (minimum of 250 points).  The plaques and plates are given out at the annual club awards night (usually held in late January/early February).


The Runner of the Year is the top point achiever for the year.

Here are all of the Runner of the Year award recipients:


1984 Norm Holman

1985 Helen Whitehurst

1986 Norm Holman

1987 Doris Quistberg

1988 Norm Holman

1989 Barb Rickards

1990 Barb Rickards

1991 Carolyn Laatu

1992 Maureen Twigg

1993 Mary Lou Kruchak

1994 Patti Gessie 

1995 John Friday 

1996 Patti Gessie 

1997 John Friday 

1998 Jodi Marks

1999 Jodi Marks

2000 Jodi Marks

2001 Jodi Marks

2002 John Martinsen 

2003 Carol Bannon

2004 Lucia Bourgeois

2005 Deborah Frederickson

2006 Deborah Frederickson 

2007 Jodi Martinsen

2008 Jodi Martinsen

2009 Sandy Guthrie

2010 Sandy Guthrie

2011 Jodi Martinsen

2012 Jodi Martinsen

2013 Jodi Martinsen

2014 Jodi Martinsen

2015 Cathy Michaliuk

2016 Jim Gilbert

2017 Jim Gilbert

2018 Jim Gilbert

2019 David Prince

2020 Pandemic year - no official points collected

2021 Mark Kusznier