About Us:


The Thunder Bay Metre Eaters Running Club:

  • is open to runners of all ages, backgrounds and walking or running abilities

  • includes beginners training for their first race as well as more experienced runners planning their next marathon

  • hosts races throughout the year 

The Thunder Bay Metre Eaters Running Club's motto is FUN, FITNESS & FRIENDSHIP. 


Although the club does not meet regularly for training runs, the club supports local runners by connecting them to local running opporunties, including the club's "run-a-mate" which provides a listing of the names and contact information for all members to help locate running partners. For more information on other opportunities, CLICK HERE.


Members of the club support the local running community by participating in or volunteering at races hosted by the club. Club fees are used to pay for event insurance as well as to purchase and/or update equipment (e.g. finish line, flagging, cones, timing equipment, timing clock) that is loaned to other local running events. 

CLICK HERE to learn more about the benefits of membership as well as how to join!

CLICK HERE for a copy of our constitution.


The 2019 executive:

President – Steve Tanguay

Vice President - Jay Henderson

Treasurer – Michele Tanguay

Secretary - OPEN - email through the website if you are interested

Membership - Cathy Michaliuk

Public Relations – Juanita Dempsey

Coach - Tricia Prince and Amanda Blake


The President will:

  • be the executive officer of this club and will preside over all meetings of the club and the Executive Committee;

  • receive all committee reports;

  • select the Chair for the Nominations and Election Committee;

  • ensure race directors are in place for club sponsored runs;

  • appoint a member to administer participation awards;

  • assist with the Annual Awards Night.


The Vice President will:

  • preside over general meetings and executive meetings of this club in the absence of the President;

  • perform other duties usually pertaining to that office, or as may be assigned to him/her by the President or the Executive Committee;

  • act as caretaker of the club trailer, clock and other equipment;

  • maintain a system for sign out and collection of fees for use of the trailer, clock and other equipment;

  • assist in the preparation of the annual Race Calendar.


The Treasurer will:

  • receive from the membership coordinator all funds paid to this club and will deposit same in the official depositories and will disburse same on the order of the Executive Committee;

  • have the books open at all times to the inspection of the President, the Executive Committee, and any authorized auditors;

  • make a detailed financial report at the AGM of the club;

  • prepare an annual budget for the following year.


The Secretary will:

  • keep the minutes of the general and executive meetings of this club, and other committees as assigned by the President;

  • assist in the coordination of updates to the website;

  • send out notices of meetings as indicated in the Constitution;

  • send out newsletters.


The Public Relations Coordinator will:

  • chair the Public relations Committee and carry out such duties as pertain to that committee;

  • develop, revise and edit the newsletter;

  • make a report at the AGM of the club

  • prepare the Yearly Race Calendar with the assistance of the Vice President

  • update the Metre Eater bulletin board;

  • coordinate updates to the website.


The Membership Coordinator will:

  • collect dues annually for active members and keep an updated list for the newsletter;

  • collect membership information from new members and welcome them at the next meeting;

  • keep a current list of birthdays and date of joining the club for use by the President or designate.


The Coach will:

  • provide contemporary information on training methods for members and the newsletter;

  • be a resource for training techniques, running attire, shoes, injury prevention and rehabilitation.



The club was formed in November, 1978 by Cal McDonald, Norm Holman, Ernie Lane and Bruce Villella.


The name METRE EATERS originated in North Bay, and this club was christened the THUNDER BAY METRE EATERS.


Our logo was borrowed from a University of Florida Biomechanics brochure. Yellow, striped with red and blue are the official club uniform colours.


From 1978-1982 the Thunder Bay YM-YWCA was home base for the club. Since 1982 the home base is the CANADA GAMES COMPLEX.








Meeting Dates & Location:


General membership meetings are held at 7:30pm on the second Tuesday in January, March, May, September and November at the Canada Games Complex 


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