About Us:

The Thunder Bay Metre Eaters Running Club's motto is FUN, FITNESS & FRIENDSHIP. 

The Thunder Bay Metre Eaters Running Club:

  • is open to runners of all ages, backgrounds and walking or running abilities

  • includes beginners training for their first race as well as more experienced runners planning their next marathon

  • hosts races throughout the year 

Your 2022 Executive:

President – Fred Bauer

Vice President - Mark Kusznier

Treasurer – Michele Tanguay

Secretary - Trevor Kobe

Membership - Linda Stevens

Public Relations – Marilee Chase

Coach - Jennifer Pasiciel

The Role of the Executive

The President will:

  • be the CEO of the club

  • will lead the meetings of the club and the Executive Committee;

  • ensure race directors are in place for club sponsored runs;

  • assist with the Annual Awards Night.

The Vice President will:

  • take over duties as assigned if the President is not available (e.g., chair meetings)

  • be the caretaker of the club trailer, clock and other equipment;

  • assist in the preparation of the annual Race Calendar.

The Treasurer will:

  • prepares regular financial reports for the club.

  • makes sure that our bills get paid

  • works with the President to prepare an annual budget for the following year.

The Secretary will:

  • keep the minutes of the club meetings

  • keeps members up to date on events and activities through email and the Facebook page

  • assists in updating the website


The Public Relations Coordinator will:​

  • develop, revise and edit the newsletter;

  • prepare the Yearly Race Calendar with the assistance of the Vice President

  • update the Metre Eater bulletin board;

  • coordinate updates to the website.


The Membership Coordinator will:

  • updates the online membership portal

  • keeps the membership list up to date so all members receive communication from the club

The Coach will:

  • host member runs or cross training activities based on interest

  • be a resource for training techniques, injury prevention, etc.

The technical stuff....CLICK HERE for a copy of our constitution.
Where it all started...

  • The club was formed in November, 1978 by Cal McDonald, Norm Holman, Ernie Lane and Bruce Villella.

  • The name METRE EATERS originated in North Bay. This club was christened the THUNDER BAY METRE EATERS.

  • Our logo was borrowed from a University of Florida Biomechanics brochure. Yellow, striped with red and blue are the official club uniform colours.

  • From 1978-1982 the Thunder Bay YM-YWCA was home base for the club. Since 1982 the home base is the CANADA GAMES COMPLEX.